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Latest tennis technologies

Revolutionary technology at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix: as the first WTA tournament in Europe, the long-standing Stuttgart event will deploy the PlaySight technology and therefore offer players, coaches and fans access to detailed training analyses. PlaySight combines the physical and digital world’s and turns tennis and other sports into an experience that can be shared worldwide via social media. In Stuttgart, the system, which is equipped with video cameras, is installed on the practice court and gives fans a totally new insight into how pros work: on-site you can watch the practice sessions from close up and take a look at the statistics and debriefings. For the first time, visitors can also take up a racket and have their own game analysed with the help of PlaySight. In doing so, it not only opens up the possibility of seeing oneself playing but also share the recordings with family and friends via social media networks – and therefore become an “international” tennis player themselves. Those interested will find the PlaySight technology the whole week in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle and they can sign up and register for the practice matches.