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2015 Prize Money Breakdowns

As a result of the WTA’s decision to standardise the prize money structure in the tournament tier to which the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix belongs, total prize money this year amounts to 710,000 dollars. The winner will receive 120,000 dollars. Despite the realignment, the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix has retained its status as one of the 22 Premier Event tournaments worldwide.

Overview EUR
Total 589,516.-- (731.000.-- US dollar)
Singles EUR
Winner 100,000.--
Runner-up 53,548.--
Semifinalists 28,601.--
Quarterfinalists 15,375.--
2nd round 8,258.--
1st round 5,242.--
Doubles EUR
Winner 31,452.--
Runner-up 16,653.--
Semifinalists 9,161.--
Quarterfinalists 4,665.--
2nd round 2,532.--
Qualifying EUR
3rd round 2,339.--
2nd round 1,250.--
1st round 694.--

Premier $ 710,000
Draw Size 28-32-16